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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The only Third Baseman I have know

Chipper Jones
Chipper Jones has been the only third baseman I have ever know for my entire life. Every time I watch an Atlanta Braves's game I always see No. 10 leading the infield in plays and as a leader for the entire Braves's team. So what will the Braves lose when Jones retires at the end of the season? Jones has a career batting average of .304 and is also considered one of the best switch-hitters in the game of baseball. But he is more than just a player to the Atlanta Braves's organization. Jones was and technically still is the face of the Brave's franchise since 1995 because he has seen it all with the Braves over the course of 19 seasons all playing for just one team. Not many players can say an organization stood by them for 19 seasons, especially since Jones has had his share of injuries over the years. Still no organization can let a man like Jones go, especially when he can play different positions and have great success at them. Jones has played a total of 5 different positions since making his Major League debut back in 1993 under his the jersey number, No. 16. Jones has not just played third base or shortstop, but has also played the entire outfield from right to left. Let us not forget that Chipper Jones is not just a player, but a symbol that represents the entire organization.

Over the years Jones has had his share of injuries, but each time has never quit on the Braves or let them down. Jones is a model player that all other major league players players should follow. He has never called his team out in the media and has never said two bad words about Managers Bobby Cox or Fredi Gonzalez. Jones has always placed the burden on himself to make the team better and at times has taken most of the criticism away from other teammates who are struggling. Jones had also done something not many players can say they have done, actually playing the game clean without using any type of steroids to give him an advantage over any opponent. So what can you say about the man Chipper Jones is and will be? Well how about inspiring to all children everywhere that you can succeed and live your dream with the team you have watched your whole life. That a man can change a team for the better with a little help from a great manager as well. That one man at the age of 39 can inspire a bunch of prospects that are half his age to give it their all day in and day out in all for one day being as great as Jones is today.

Atlanta Brave's fans everywhere will miss Chipper Jones. Eventually Martin Prado will replace him next season and will do a great job at taking over for Jones, but no matter who takes Jones's place; no one can fill the void that Chipper Jones will leave. So what will happen to Jones after he retires? There is always the possibility that Jones could comeback to the Braves as a hitting coach and could one day manage for the Atlanta Braves. Of course, that is a long ways off, but it could be a possible beginning for a new chapter for Jones. All I know is that Chipper Jones will be missed by all Brave's fans everywhere. The one guy I look for in every game to make an impact will be gone and someone new must fill the void left by Jones. Jones will always be an Atlanta Brave for life and will never forget the awesome times he had playing baseball for a team and fans that are considered one of the best in the country. So Chipper enjoy your last season as a player in a Brave's uniform, I hope it ends the way you want it to with a World Series ring.