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Friday, December 9, 2011

Albert, The New Angel

Logo credited to the Los Angeles Angels

If you woke Thursday morning to see the Miami Marlins pulling out of the Albert Pujols race, then you probably thought Pujols was returning to the St. Louis Cardinals because they were the only team left right? Wrong! ESPN's Buster Olney reported at around 10 a.m. Eastern time that Albert Pujols had signed a 10-year, $250 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels, This move by Pujols shook the baseball world, especially the fans in St. Louis. A city that not only loved him, but treated him as a big time celebrity. You have to wonder why Pujols would leave a city that he had such great success in; for a city where he would not stand out as the main star? Could his decision rest only on money? Was he truly unhappy with Cardinal's management or was it time to try something new? Whatever the reason maybe, Pujols gave St. Louis everything he had and more. He brought St. Louis two World Series titles and was a 3-time MVP.
When news broke to cardinal fans about Pujols departure, emotions ranged from sadness and tears to anger and curse words. The interesting part was a lot of fans were okay with Pujols leaving and realized that the team had saved a lot of money that can now be used to bring in more players to help them in the years to come. Still this is ALBERT PUJOLS! He is one of the greatest players to ever play the game of baseball and will be greatly missed to a team that needs offense to back up a good pitching staff. The Cardinal's front office staff blew their one chance to grab Pujols and make him a Cardinal for life. They owe their fans an apology and now must find a new way to bring in runs. The Angels get a player in Pujols that will definitely lead them to another World Series title.
As for cardinal fans, I commend you for not burning Pujols jerseys and for not getting upset that your hero left for greener pastures. If ten years from now we look back and the angels have won a World Series and the cardinals have not; then the decision the cardinal front office made those ten years ago will come back to haunt them. Well Albert, good luck in Los Angeles, but just remember you leave behind fans that adored you and cheered you through your whole career and hopefully it will be the same for years to come as an Angel.

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